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About to bounce inflatable bounce house and water slide safety.

Bounce House Safety
What parents can do for a safe bounce house experience.Bounce House Safety Information

Parents don't have to rule out bounce house fun, but they do need to take steps to keep kids safe. The key for parents is understanding and being aware of the three Ws of bounce house safety ... weather, workers and warranty.

The first W is for Weather

Wind is "the number one enemy" of an inflatable and can cause it to become dangerous. Most manufacturers recommend removing children from bounce houses and/or deflating them when winds are 15 miles per hour or higher. Obviously, most parents aren't going to have a wind gauge on them, so an easy rule of thumb for people. ... When your clothes are flapping like a flag, that is a really good, simple indicator to understand, that the winds are picking up. The kids might cry when you tell them they need to come out of the bounce house, but tears are preferable to an incident.

The second W is for Workers Inflatable Safety Information

The people who are operating the bounce house. A lot of people, especially some of the newer operators who have just gotten into the business, don't understand how the inflatable should be anchored to the ground. Make sure your rental company has a successful track record. Check this; If they are using using 4- or 5-inch plastic stakes, They probably don't know what they're doing. Professional operators would use "30- to 40-inch heavy-duty metal stakes. It's lack of judgment that almost always causes the problem, not using proper anchoring or supervision of the situation.

Parents should make sure there is an operator present at the bounce house.

Most parents wouldn't let their kids go on a roller coaster if it doesn't have an attendant, and you probably wouldn't let your kid go in the swimming pool unattended. So why would you let your kid get into a bounce house or a slide or any inflatable that is unattended?

Only kids of the same size should be inside together and most inflatables will have rules stitched on the outside detailing the maximum occupancy.

Bounce House Safety TipsParents need to watch what's happening too, especially if they rent a bounce house themselves. Inflatables aren't baby sitters. Sometimes, people look at it that way. It's kind of like the swimming pool. You're not going to leave that unsupervised. You should never leave an inflatable unsupervised.

The third "W" stands for warranty.

Parents need to ask the operator to see the company's current insurance policy and state inspections. Now, this gets somewhat complicated. There are no national inspection guidelines or regulations for bounce houses. Inspections are left up to the states. Some have thorough inspection programs, and some have none at all, but parents can inquire with the operator or the manufacturer to learn about inspections to the bounce houses and to get more of a sense of a company's reputation.

If parents use common sense and remember those three Ws, weather, workers and warranty, they will go a long way toward helping make the bounce house as fun and safe as it's intended to be. Parents should also make sure operators are focusing on what's happening inside the bounce house, not outside.

Here are some tips from the Child Injury Prevention Alliance


Limit bouncer use to children 2 years of age and older.

Only allow a bouncer to be used when an adult trained on safe bouncer use is present.

The safest way to use a bouncer is to have only one child on it at a time.

If more than one child will be on the bouncer at the same time, make sure that the children are about the same age and size (weight).


Take off shoes, eyeglasses and jewelry and remove all sharp objects from your pockets before entering the bouncer.

No rough play, tumbling, wrestling or flips. Stay away from the entrance or exit and the sides or walls of the bouncer while you are inside of it.

If the bouncer begins to lose air, stop play and carefully exit the bouncer.


Outside set up:

Place the bouncer on a flat surface.

Remove all rocks, sticks or objects such as sprinkler systems sticking up from the ground before setting up the bouncer.

Make sure there is open space around all sides of the bouncer.

Place the bouncer away from tree branches or power lines.

If the bouncer will be set up on a hard surface, place a soft surface around the entrance/exit to the bouncer.

Inside set up:

Only set up bouncers in rooms where the ceiling is several feet above the top of the bouncer.

Place the bouncer away from walls.

If the bouncer will be set up in a room with hard floors, place a soft surface around the entrance/exit to the bouncer.

Follow these simple guidelines and you and your children will be on your way to healthy, bouncing day!

About to bounce inflatables age appropriate rentals

Inflatables are one of the most exciting parts of any party or event where children are going to be present. But that does not mean every inflatable is appropriate for every age group of children and guests at your gathering. About to Bounce offers various types of inflatables so that parents or organizers will be able to choose the ones which will be most suitable for the guests who will be present. Even though all inflatables result in lots of fun, it is important to rent the best inflatables for the appropriate age group.

Toddler Bouncer Rentals As you begin the planning for your event identify the age groups of those attending. Will it be predominately all one age group like a toddler play date? Maybe an elementary school age birthday party with school mates, or a mixed bag with a little bit of every group. You can segment a mixed group with wise choices in the inflatables. For example, toddler units are design with those 7 and under in mind, the older kids won't be interested in the baby stuffs which leaves a safe play environment for the little crowd. Teenagers will be a bit more energetic, so Obstacle Courses, or Interactive Sports & Skill inflatables are prefect. Those in-between will gravitate to the theme bouncers and colorful combo units.

However you decide to run your event it is important to note that larger teenagers and small children should never be inside inflatable bounce units at the same time. Have a small kids turn and then a time for the larger kids. It's just plain physics... A larger body colliding with a smaller body will always win the collision! So play it safe and separate out attractions and age groups.

For the 7 and under crowd...

About to bounce offers a large selection of inflatable attractions design specifically for small, toddler age children. These units are specially design with low walls, and easy access for parents to watch and attend if necessary, while giving these young children a safe environment to explore on there own.

See Selections of Toddler Friendly Inflatables

Ages 8 to 12...

This the ideal age group for inflatable fun! You'll have a wide variety of themed bouncers, slides, and interactive games to chose from. Bright colors or maybe their favorite character combos with slides, basketball hoops and obstacles will make for an exciting day.

See Selections of Bounce & Slide Combination Rentals

For Teenagers or Young adults...

Because you'll be dealing with larger sized guests with age group and a much higher energy level, you'll need to choose from selections where the size of the unit doesn't confine players and allows for a broad range in abilities and interests. Obstacles are always a great choice that creates separate lanes of participation, just incase you have younger kids handing with the big kids. They also give that competitive element conducive to friendly competition and team challenges. The adults will enjoy this as well. You can also look at the interactive sports and skill games. Then the activities are so physical and size of the players becomes less important.

See Selections of Obstacle Courses, Interactive Games

Gender Specific Events & Parties...

For Girls

Princesses, fun floral and pink colors, their favorite Disney movie theme. Regardless of what your young girls enjoy, we will have these, and other fun inflatable options. Whether it is a traditional bounce house, one with competition or games, or an inflatable slide, there are several great options for young girls.

See The Girls Favorite

For Boys

If hosting a party for a boy, superheroes, castles, sports themes, and other fun outdoor style themes are all options to consider. When you work with About to Bounce Inflatable Rentals, you will find these themes, as well as some of the newest inflatables out there which your son is bound to love for his party.

Party theme ideas for your next birthday party or family reunion.

Party Theme Ideas
If you're looking for great party theme ideas, you've come to the right place. About to Bounce has been serving the greater New Orleans area for years and we have developed a great selection of party and event theme ideas. You can choose from your favorite character themes or topical themes like Island parties, Luaus, and Patriotic Themes. Follow the links below for information on theme oriented party rentals.

These links are in Alphabetical order and are connected to themed inflatables. Once you have decided on your party theme you also enhance that thme by getting party favors and paper-ware a local party supply stores like Party City. Find a store near you at

Also See Party Planning Tips

101 Dalmatians' Theme
Armed Forces Theme
Avengers Theme
Batman Theme
Birthday Theme
Blues Clues Theme
Brother Bear Theme
Bubble Guppies Theme
Bugs Life Theme
Cars Movie Theme
Cat in the Hat Theme
Christmas Theme
Cinderella Theme
Circus Theme
Curious George Theme
Dinosaurs Theme
Disney Princess Theme
Disney's Frozen Theme
Dora the Explorer Theme
Farm Animal Theme
Fire Truck Theme
Frozen Theme
Girls Party Theme
Halloween Theme
Happy Birthday Theme
Hello Kitty Theme
Hulk Theme
Ice Age Theme
Incredibles Theme
Lady & The Tramp Theme
Lady Bug Theme
Lilo & Stitch Theme
Lion King Theme
Little Mermaid Theme
Luau Theme
Madagascar Theme
Mickey Mouse Theme
Monster Truck Theme
Monsters Inc Theme
Nascar Theme
Nemo Cartoon Theme
New Orleans Spirit Theme
Ninja Turtles Theme
Patriotic Theme
Pirates Theme
Power Rangers Theme
Princess Party Theme
Race Car Theme
Rock Star Theme
Rocket Power Theme
Scooby Doo Theme
Sesame Street Theme
Shrek Theme
Snow White Theme
Space Kids Theme
Spiderman Theme
Sponge Bob Theme
Sports Theme
Strawberry Short Cake Theme
Superman Theme
Tigers Theme
Tinkerbell Theme
Toy Story Theme
Train Theme
Transformers Theme
Tropical Theme
Winnie The Pooh Theme
World of Disney Theme
Wrestling Theme
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