Great Ideas For Party Planners

Here are some great resources for party planning and party ideas. Use these ideas to find the best party tips and tricks. About to Bounce has years of experience providing our New Orleans customer with quality service. With that professional event experience we have collected a list the best ideas for your next event. See Party Planning Tips.

PTO Family Fun Night Ideas

Planning family fun nights as a PTO or PTA organization is vital to build school spirit. Here are some great ideas for a family fun night!

Family Movie Night: Bring everyone to the school in the school yard or into the gym if it's cold for a movie night at the school. You can easily have a fun family movie night be renting an inflatable screen and obtaining a movie license for the flick that you would like to watch. This is a very easy event to plan as much of this is taken care of by the party rental company that you hire for the movie night.

Trunk or Treat: Tell your parents to bring their cars full of candy and park them in your school parking lot. Your little students can go from car-to-car trick or treating their little hearts out. This is a great event because the parents can be social along with the kids.

Family Picnic: Tell everyone to bring their own food and have a fun family picnic out on the lawn. You can plan some fun field games for the kids to play while the parents and teachers socialize amongst themselves.

Game Night: This is a really simple concept. Each family brings their favorite board game to this family fun night. Your guests can play against each other in their favorite game. This will go a long way to build school spirit!

Night at the Ballpark: Many professional sports teams will give discounts to large school groups for family nights at the ballpark. Your local team may even have lawn seating which can be really cheaply purchased.

Dance Lessons: It seems that everyone is in a ballroom dancing craze these days. Why not bring in a dance instructor to teach a large group of families how to dance. This could be a very fun event for everyone and something that is totally unique!

School Fundraisers with Inflatables

School fundraisers that utilize inflatables are the most profitable fundraisers to organize.

How does an inflatable fundraiser work?

Inflatable fundraisers make money by selling admission bracelets or tickets to the students of the school that is throwing the fundraising carnival or "field day". This cost of admission is used to pay the cost of renting the inflatables and other attractions that may be at the carnival. Any money left over after paying the cost of the rentals and other expenses is counted as profit for the fundraiser.

How much do inflatables cost?

There are three basic ways to determine costs for an inflatable fundraiser.

Ask for donations from local companies. This method is not the most effective way to organize a top-notch inflatable fundraiser.

Rent inflatables from an inflatable rental company. There are often school carnival package deals that companies will offer to schools. This is a great way to get a nice package at a discount. Rental companies like to rent multiple pieces to one location and will often offer a discount for these packages.

Bracelet programs or pay to play profit sharing is the third method of inflatable fundraising for schools. This is probably the best way to raise money for your school. There are no upfront costs under this program because under this model the school and inflatable company share the revenue from the bracelet and ticket sales from the evening.

How many inflatables will the school need?

You should plan on renting at least five different inflatables for your fundraiser. The more kids you have at your school, the more inflatable you will need to keep the lines short, and the kids attentive and interested.

Teenager Party Planning

Being the parent of a teenager can be a daunting task. Especially if it is your first teenager as a parent you have to worry about so many different things. Your little boy or girl is at the stage in their life where they are trying to figure out what is "cool" and "in style". Planning a party that is "cool" is very difficult for a parent as well.

Who to Invite Ask your teenager who they would like to invite to their party. Is it going to be a party for boys and girls? Is it a party in the daytime or evening? When you send out the invites be sure to specify that the party will have adult supervision. You can even ask parents of the attending kids if they can help chaperone the party. This will help put the parents' minds at ease. You can even have a separate party for adults at the same location so that all the adults can be right there at the party.

Party Planning

When you are planning a party for teenagers you need to be sure that whatever you plan, you keep your kids involved in the process. Find out what they and their friends like to do in their free time. Try to incorporate things they find exciting into their party.

Playing video games and talking through the night may have been fun party activities when you were a teenager, but this may not work for your young adult.

Party Ideas

If you are stuck for teenager party ideas, here are a few popular themes or plans that could work for you and your teen:

Movie party: Rent an inflatable movie screen and put it up in your backyard or by the pool. This is a very fun option because most teenagers have not seen a movie in their own backyard.

Inflatable games: Rent some inflatable games like a jousting arena, bungee run, obstacle course, or bouncy boxing. These games remind your teenager of their childhood when they had a bouncy castle at their party, yet it is "cooler" than a regular bouncy because they are able to compete against their friends.

Obstacle Courses: Obstacle courses are great for teenagers and young adults that provide and element of skill and friendly competion.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, grad night, or just a teenager party, the ideas for teenage fun are really limitless. Just remember to involve your kids, have some fun activities, and supervise them at all times.

Picking the Right Inflatable Rental See Age Appropriate Inflatables.

Company Picnic Planning

You have been given the task of planning the annual company picnic. Should you feel honored that your boss has given you such a task, or worried because he knows that you have nothing else better to do?

Planning a company picnic is a task that many people must undertake at least once in their life. That being said, there are things that every company picnic planner must consider.

Guest List: The guest list is an easy thing to compile for any company picnic or party. Simply pull the names from your company's email database and you should have your list. One additional thing to consider however, would be whether or not to invite top business prospects and clients. Always be sure to ask your boss before inviting clients to company picnics.

Venue: This is often one of the most costly parts of the company picnic should you decide to host the picnic in an off-site location. Many times employees prefer to have the picnic away from their place of business. Having an offsite picnic will either increase or decrease the amount of work you do at the beginning of the picnic and at the end. If you decide to have a picnic in a city park then you will have to do a lot of prep and clean up yourself.

Budget: Be sure to set the budget with your boss upfront. Get a clear understanding of the amount of money that can be spent on the company picnic before you start spending.

Date: Pick a date that is not near a company deadline or during a big project that the company in undertaking.

Form Committees: Be sure to get people to help you when you are planning a company picnic. Planning one on your own can be a daunting task. However you need to make sure that if you have committees planning separate tasks and hiring separate vendors, you need to have everything run through the company picnic head.

Update Electronically: Use email to update all the employees electronically about the upcoming company picnic.

Following a few of these simple steps will help make your company picnic a success. Successful party planning is all about planning, preparation, and execution.

Princess Party Ideas

Throw a perfect princess party this year for your special daughter, granddaughter, or any special princess in your life. A princess party is one of the most beloved themes for a girl's birthday party. Here are some great ideas for how you can make your little girl's princess party extra special.

Cake: Order a custom cake with tons of pink frosting. Pink is the universal princess color. You can also try individual cupcakes or smaller cakes that are all decorated differently.

Activities: If you are a truly adventurous princess party planner you can have your princesses decorate their own cakes with different colored frosting and sugary treats. You can also purchase fake gems and plastic tiaras that the girls can decorate themselves. Most princess party activities will focus on arts and crafts. This is nice because it gives the girls something to take home.

Party Favors: Party favors are a must for any princess party. Party favors can be bought from most party supply stores. However, it is always best to come up with something creative. How about instead of buying erasers, pencils, candy, and trinkets you and your daughter make something for the girls to take home. One idea is to have each girl make a tote bag that has been decorated at the party. That way the party favor can serve double duty as a craft!

Decorations: Decorations are an essential part of a princess party. You must purchase plenty of sparkly items like streamers, fake gems, and tiaras to make the princess party fit the theme. You can also rent a princess bouncer. This is a great option because it will really tie the theme together and it will give you life-sized princesses at the party!

Costumes: Costumes can be a really fun thing to have at the party. If you are brave enough, you can wear a king or queen outfit and greet your little princess guests as they arrive at your kingdom. This really goes a long way with the girls and really helps to theme the event.

Consider these five things the next time you are planning a princess party. Your little girl will certainly love her party and it will be a party for her to remember indeed!

Have Some Fun at Your Party - What a Concept!

You plan a party with the intent of showing your guests the best time possible. All the details are worked out and things are ready to go once your guests arrive and you tell yourself that you just want your guests to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. There is one detail that you are forgetting however, and that you may fail to admit: You want to have fun at your party too! Too often the party planner feels so exhausted after a party that they promise themselves that they will never plan another party again.

That is not the right approach to a party. Parties are meant to be fun for all who attend. There are a few simple things you can do to help yourself have a good time at your next party.

Be Prepared with a List

Make a list of everything that you need to do before your next big party. Some of these items may include:

Send invites

Make sure your house is presentable and clean

Rent party equipment

Put together your menu for food

Buy enough food for your guest count

Cook your food

Prepare serving dishes

Serve the food and drinks

Sweep up the mess

Leave Some Things to the Professionals

Perhaps this list is too exhausting for you. You could hire professionals or friends to do some of the items on the list. Maybe you know someone who is artistic who could do the invites for you? Or maybe you would decide to have someone cater your party for you, rather than preparing your own food. Whatever your decision, be sure you know how much you can handle. Make sure you have enough time at your party to mingle. You are not at the party to serve your guests.

Leaving certain items to a professional party rental company, planner, or helper will be great for your sanity, especially if you stress over details. You may even want to ask your guests to help with cleanup. Most will offer regardless of if you ask them for help. It never hurts to ask and is generally not viewed as rude.