Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer

Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer

    • Actual Size: 17' Length x 17' Width x 7' Height
    • Setup Area: 21' Length x 21' Width x 12' Height
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 1

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Toddler Animal Kingdom Playland

Invite your friends to play with the animals. This exciting inflatable playland is just for the little ones, no big kids allowed. Bright, colorful, animals enhance the charm of this rental unit. These slides to slide, and tunnels to crawl and all kinds of cool things to climb on. Be sure to watch the virtual tour of this unit below.

About to bounce inflatables Specifications

-The Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer for easy entrance and exit.
-A Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer has a jump area with 1 slides and multiple pop ups.
-Large netted vent windows for air flow.
-Safety netted door included.
-Open top for easy viewing of toddlers.


Safety Rules:
-Adults should always be supervising the kids when they are in the inflatable. 
-Please limit it to 8 to 10 kids at a time in the inflatable.
-Age limit is 2 to 5.
-All participants must be same size and weight.
-No Flipping.
-No jewelery or sharp objects.
-No rough play including wrestling.
-Minimum height is 36 inches.
-Weight limit is 200 pounds per person.
-Overall maximum weight in unit is 1000 pounds.
-Do Not operate this Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer in 15mph winds or more.  Always turn off the inflatable.
-Never play in this Animal kingdom Inflatable toddler bouncer during rain.

-Overnight rentals are allowed.

-Cement set ups are allowed. We cannot set up on rocks or gravel or uneven cement.
-The inflatable requires a separate outlet.