Human Wak-A-Mole

Human Wak-A-Mole

    • Actual Size: 14' Width X 14' Length X 8' Height
    • Setup Area: 18' Width X 18' Length X 10' Height
    • Outlets: 1
    • Attendants: 2

    • Regular Price: $339.99

    • $339.99
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Human Wak-A-Mole game

Human Wak-A-Mole For kids, larger-than-life experiences are the name of the game. If you want your party to leave a lasting impression, rent this game for your guests for them to play countless times, and make it life-size with the About to Bounce Human Wak-A-Mole Game. The About to Bounce Wak-A-Mole Game can handle up to 7 people, and simulate a childs favorite arcade game where your guests are the actual players. This life-size Human Wak-A-Mole is 14’' x 14’ and 7 feet tall. Imagine the excitement when your guests hop in to the About to Bounce Human Wak-A-Mole and feel the excitement of being a real live Wak-A-Mole. Priced at $299 for a five hour rental, this is a larger-than-life experience that’s perfect for any party or event that 7 people can play this Human Wak-A-Mole.




Size (Length x Width x Height)

14'L x 14’ x 7'H



Age limits

5 and up



Max weight capacity (per person)
 Minimum height





Cement set ups allowed

Cement setup is allowed. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl jumps.



Overnight rentals allowed




Pool type- 24 inch deep pool 



     Hoses required 1        Outlets- 1 blowers (separate circuit)